Hank Pym’s struggle with his ‘son’ Ultron is one of the greatest psychologically grounded rivalries to come out of Marvel comics.

It’s a dramatic and intricate break down of Hank’s inferiority complex and bi-polar depression, coupled with an extravagant and threatening android personification of megalomania with an Oedipus Complex.

And Joss Whedon thinks that having one of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits (with JARVIS controlling it?) go out of control and evil is a fitting replacement?

Joss has already expressed his interest in Ultron by stating that he loves how he’s just "really pissed off". Truly he understands this deep and complex character. So glad he gets to bring him to film.

Thanks, Mr Whedon, for denying Hank, a founding Avenger (as well as creator of alternate universes and Scientist Supreme) of one of his greatest achievements and greatest failures - the crux of his character.

And thank you further for unloading it on a character that has already seen the most emphasis in the MCU - you might as well re-name the Avengers “Iron Man and Friends”.

Joss, I’m sincere when I say this: Go fuck yourself, buddy.